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Student Life

Student Life at TU is here for you! We are focused on helping students get the most out of their college experience.
Student Life programs and activities can assist you to find your niche on campus; connect with students within and beyond your residence hall, athletic team and classroom. We provide opportunities for students to get involved in student organizations, activities and leadership opportunities.

The Student Life staff firmly believe that a college education extends well beyond the classroom. In the spirit of holistic student development, Student Life staff is committed to providing an inclusive environment, which works in partnership with our students and the university community to create a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging learning environment.

We are committed to student learning and engagement through the delivery of services, programs, and experiences that enhance our student’s academic, personal, and professional success.

Through our commitment to civility and mutual respect, we enable students to develop leadership skills, clarify their values, appreciate and celebrate differences, become critical thinkers, solve problems, and work independently and interdependently.

Whether you attend classes on campus or take classes as part of our distance-learning program, we value you as a student and pledge our support to you!

If you have any questions or concerns that we may address, please contact the Office of Student Life at 229-226-1621 ext. 1077.

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